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  1. Need Dumps Cashier for Indian Dumps

    Indian dumps mostly requires password the only rare way to hit the amount is by choosing any of the latest RuPay bin, hope it helps.
  2. POS vs Cash Register

    What do you mean by cash register?
  3. Gateway to cashout

    I'd appreciate if anyone can tell me which bin I should use to card this website https://www.cover.global/store/c33/A...s.html?lang=en without any further 3d security or you may try working on it and PM me for more details, thanks.
  4. Dumps tutorial!

    Most of the CC doesn't require pin when you are processing it in a POS, but you need to know the pincode to cashout from ATM. Yes you can cashout through ATM if the dump with pin which is valid and not blocked in your region. Regards
  5. Dumps tutorial!

    Get a POS in your hand (better than instore) and swipe the card which you programmed using a magstripe reader/writer (MSR6xx or MSR2xx).
  6. anyone from INDIA here?

    I'm here
  7. Need dumps + pin POS cashiers in the USA ( not ATM )

    bump, I have got POS with me. I'm an experienced POS cashier, I have contacts throught India (not US) where merchants handover their POS to me for work and they send my share by withdrawing the amount I swiped into the POS, I already sent you a PM regarding something else but don't know if you are okay with my deal since I'm from India.
  8. ....

    It depends, if the bin is 201 and the pin is legit then 80% chance to work out, except if the card get flagged.
  9. How to card? -(Mostly common for all site)

    nop, just watch the delivery boy from far, give a fake address near a landmark from where you can watch and talk to the delivery boy

    I'm interested, check my PM
  11. The Ultimate Instore Carding by n3d #Wicky Carder

    I never visit store to swipe, tbh merchants gives their POS in my hand and I swipe em at home and merchants share me 50% of what I swipe.
  12. Toystore site down???

    I guess toystore is gonna stay down for some hot period
  13. Dump "Location of Use" Quetion

    I have few bins from AU, EU, China and few US (Commercial Bank) which hits reasonable amount with good chances of getting approval.
  14. Virtual Phone Number

    You mean you sell numbers? to receive SMS? if yes can you deal thrugh escrow? Thanks
  15. Virtual Phone Number

    My question is different from yours, yours looks like as it is okay to give any information to get a service, I need complete anonymity service where it doesnt ask for any real info but provide a mobile number.