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  1. check out my VM, link in signature, it comes with a detailed guide about opsec and setup tips
  2. Deciding between Online / Instore

    I would recommend going for digital goods or tickets first so you dont have deal with drops.. also make sure to use some kind of browser fingerprinting prevention app, because antifraud systems will cause you problems in the long run
  3. socks or ssh or rdp sservice

    I don't understand what you want to do, but here is good OPSEC: VPN
  4. Some method

    What is your setup? You may have issues with your browser. Antifraud systems are checking a lot of things nowadays, like whether you have quality residental IP or not, canvas, webgl, geolocation in your browser and so on.. They will link your payment tries if you dont spoof these things and you will waste your good cards..
  5. jabber

    register: jabb.im, blah.im need client: pidgin IM
  6. Anti detect config Needed

    You need VMware Workstation or VirtualBox to run the VM. Both software is compatible with Windows, Linux and MacOS!
  7. Anti detect config Needed

    Guys, check out my VM! Its the newest tool to increase your success rate, even better than FraudFox. It has the same features as AntiDetect 8 but with a monthly subscription. Link in signature
  8. Which OS shoud I use for carding?

    I have created a VM specially for this, check the link in my signature
  9. Verified by Visa - Is the user-agent all that matters?

    i am working with browser fingerprinting techniques for more than a year now (i am a software developer working on web projects), and I can tell you for sure that its not only the user agent that matters. Fullz seller are just too lazy to collect more information from their victims.. VBV pages and generally antifraud systems on websites are collecting a shitload of data about your browser and your device so thats why you need to use apps for spoofing these informations. If you wont use these apps antifraud systems will link your tries and block it immediately regardless of the CC validity..
  10. Vice - Fraud in UK

    This is soo fucking good video... the company is up and running check ridfraud.com lol