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  1. no words to describe this idiot. Admin please delete this thread and end this joke.
  2. wari has been refunded in full but it seems he refuses to remove his complaints and I even sent him an extra 10$ from me. He quickly went offline as soon as he got his refund. see screenshots below: admin kindly delete this thread as it posts false information about my reputation. thanks Добавлено через 2 минуты 2 секунды images were not showing. screenshots below:
  3. The truth is you asked me for a last minute booking and I did explain to you that there risk that the room might cancel cause when booking last minute through my agency it might give me a voucher then later it would say they could not guarantee a room. ANYWAY i DID offer you a REFUND or a REPLACEMENT the next day but you stopped replying to me. screenshot below:
  4. RichLogs - richlogs@thesecure.biz

    requesting refund. I paid a total of 0.00601900 BTC on 2019-10-14 11:40 AM tx id: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/d9...2f32302290e354 refund address: 1M6bJmcrySKSdrckRHBdRwBFfP5WjPdMuh
  5. RichLogs - richlogs@thesecure.biz

    no he dont reply he don't answer. his shop is on auto rip mode. You load btc to get access to account but you get error once you pay instead. the more you wait to take action against him the more people are getting ripped
  6. RichLogs - richlogs@thesecure.biz

    ok awaiting action whether a refund of 50$ or access to his service or simply kicking rippers away. thanks
  7. RichLogs - richlogs@thesecure.biz

    link to thread: https://carding.ug/showthread.php?t=46856 I saw that RichLogs is verified on this forum and I decided to test his service. I went to his website to register on https://richlogs.ru/register and then it asked me to pay 50$ (0.006022 BTC) via bitcoin in order to get a username/password to login to his shop. after 3 confirmations as requested, I clicked the button to get my credentials but instead of getting a username and password all I got was a page with an error "Connection failed: Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)" I went to read further on his thread and I found out that recently many people are complaining about the same issue. For me it looks like this verified seller has turned into a ripper. I request a refund from him or access to the service. Screenshots of payment can be sent via PM to admins upon request.
  8. Nickname: realmaster profile: https://carding.ug/member.php?u=171524 This low life scammer ripped me for 10$ btc for buying 5 cc (2$ each). I was gonna buy 300 but needed a paid test so he took the 10$ and went offline instantly after I told him that I sent the BTC. his contact info: ( i contacted him through jabber) Jabber only: priv618@jabb3r.org icq: priv618 proof that this contact info is his info: https://carding.ug/showthread.php?t=...8%40jabb3r.org Full log: