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  1. Blockchain DNS

    How safe are browser extensions Blockchain DNS and does it expose you to exploits and weaken browser? Any thoughts?
  2. socks/tunnels... questions

    What are peoples thoughts on xDedic marketplace?
  3. uk-jobs

    What type of UK activity, mate?
  4. Learning Russian

    Mate! That can't be. What evidence are you basing this on? This is not a challenge to your well respected knowledge but I don't see how.
  5. Learning Russian

    It looks like Russian forums is holding it down whilst the English language forums and marketplaces fall. Should we all aim to learn Russian or at least reach out as they are more bullet proof. There have been long running Russian forums where AB, Hansa etc have all fell.
  6. Former members of Ground Zero, eXodus and Apex

    Are there any former members of Ground Zero, eXodus and Apex?
  7. The Ultimate Instore Carding by n3d #Wicky Carder

    Some good points. But why take the risk undertaking this activity in person when person not present and internet shopping is so much safer. All this could be blown with a overzealous checkpoint person or random spot check.
  8. Any legit UK vendors

    After the AB debacle. Looking to connect with AB members to chew the breeze and other shit!