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  1. PLASTIC 101 / 201 3DIP / 201 1DIP

    added you in Telegram, please reply. Cheers John
  2. NFC in Australia

    Hello Can someone help me with which NFC app works in Aus? not looking for thousands of dollars to make, something like under $100 will be awesome. your generosity will not be overlooked. cheers John
  3. Looking For: Bulk Dump+Pin

    Hello Can anyone help sharing some info? 1. can u share some pointers on what ways does not work in Pin Cashing. Im in Australia, no Pin ever works in ATM 2. Where do i get verified Pin seller? Rippers, please stay away. Cheers John
  4. Google AdWords accounts with balances

    If you agree 5% i may like to try it! Cheers John
  5. Hello I bought a gift card last year which is still active. I wonder 1. Has the store didnt realise this purchase was with dumps? 2. Or do they dont care when we card with overseas dumps? 3. Can law punish someone who did instore carding with overseas dumps? So, who loses the money here? Overseas Bank or The Store or The Bank who provided the POS? Let say, someone did a mistake last year while carding which can lead back to him, but it was with overseas card. any chance to get cought? Cheers John