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  1. I wondering did someone use services of this guy all--skimmer.tools interesting from EMV 8,6 software any reviews?
  2. Which software to use for POS writing T1 T2

    Hi ,guys I have POS and want to know with which Software to write dumps T1 T2 for swipe.
  3. didon - didon@exploit.im

    Hello, I have proof with pictures and video how this user ripped me https://crdclub.cc/member.php?u=24362 "didon" jabber "didon@exploit.im" before one week he contact me about my service of WU drops , but he want escrow ,for me was no problem to use escrow but "mak" replay me after long time , i saw that user is with +4 reputation and willing to send him 200 $ upfront just to show him that me and my service is serious, after i send him the money he stop replay me in jabber and here at forum so that why now i want to report him here The facts. Video of our chat and picture of payment https://mega.nz/#F!WtBC3Q6D!g-uzmuLSDcJVeHNTIPp Добавлено через 42 секунды Добавлено через 27 секунд This is the link https://mega.nz/#F!WtBC3Q6D!g-uzmuLSDcJVeHNTIPpdUg
  4. WU in USA

    Only US need ? If you need for EU drop me message or add me in jabber.