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  1. need software for terminal

    Pos was given to me by my friend, because he didn’t want to have problems because of it, and also Pos doesn’t have any software:(
  2. need software for terminal

    Thx. Can I find out the names of these two programs? Can they be taken from an open source?
  3. need software for terminal

    pm-Project Management? And it(the software) will give me a password-protected file with information about the card, the data which it read from it . Do I understand it correctly?
  4. need software for terminal

    Good day, I have a stitched terminal vx 670, a dump + pin reader. Please, share the information, with the help of which software you can display data from it
  5. Доброго времени суток. Имеется на руках прошитый терминал vx670, считываент дамп+пин. Чуваки, поделитесь инфой, с помощью какого ПО можно вывести данные с него? Заранее извиняюсь, если мои формулировки несовсем точные