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  1. Generating 101 Dumps for Specific Stores

    Hit me on telegram ASAP @Gxxchy Добавлено через 4 минуты 29 секунд Reply with your Telegram name I’m going to start a group! Or PM
  2. I need NFC software for Android phones.

    What is your Telegram?
  3. Cheap hw writer for chip cards

    I have yet to hear of a chip writer bro
  4. STILL GOOD >>

    Telegram: @Gxxchy
  5. If you're stuck with 201, try this new method

    Hmmm idk about this one
  6. 1-Dip Blanks Or Face

    I need the same thing lmk if u find
  7. Generating 101 Dumps for Specific Stores

    I have been generating 101 Dumps for specific stores (e: Kohl’s Credit Card, Speedway Rewards Cards, Big Lots Reward Cards) These dumps only required track 2 and I generate them using Luhn Algorithms. I’m posting to see if anyone else out there has been doing this.? If so Telegram Me: @Gxxchy We need to share sauce