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  1. Need help with bank accounts

    If you have Canadian I can do it.
  2. One Vanilla (Visa/Mastercard) Gift Card

    I never said to buy the VCC from me but from sellers. I just find odd that a lot of people want to split profit when they can get the gift cards themselves and make much more. And I got messaged by a lot of scammers so I'm difficult. I'm not a scammer. If anyone has a method to cashout to BTC I'll gladly buy it with escrow.
  3. One Vanilla (Visa/Mastercard) Gift Card

    Responded to PM. I can throw money for a good method.
  4. One Vanilla (Visa/Mastercard) Gift Card

    Hey everybody. I can get a lot of those. I'm looking for a way to cash it out for bitcoin if it''s even possible ? If you have good methods we could partner, or if you just want to be nice you can share too