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  1. Cash app transfer

    PM OR HIT ON TELEGRAM @DarkNet9990

    CARDING SPRINT WITH VANILLA GC. Pick up Tutorial (Buy SSN with pick-up same name Any STATE SSN) Visit mylife.com and do a random search for your pickers name, different search results will come check name with 4.0 and above reputation score... take it to truth finder and check if he/she has got any criminal records then also check if he he got sprint number if it doesn’t check for assets make sure he has cars, now Go to SPRINT Add 2 phone in a CART And let your picker GET 1 VANILLA CARD WITH 80-100$ loaded Choose appointment time (As per what time your picker will be free) and place order using your vanilla pay How to use one vanilla card for pickup When bypass ssn check, Make sure the amount is good One phone is to 25$ ,If one is more than 30$, Don't pay When you bypass credit check Open the one vanilla And use zip code of the ssn To assign billing zip code of vanilla Always use fresh and unused card for the PICKUP Put the PICKER NAME at the payment section NB:ALWAYS BUY SSN WITHOUT CRIMINAL RECORD AND CHECK FOR HIS ASSET WELL AND CHECK IF SSN IS NOT USING SPRINT NUMBER AT TRUTHFINDER Telegram @Kingcode1
  3. How To Make Online Payments Secure

    Hidden content for authorized users. Carding is any fraudulent transaction involving plastic cards. What happens carding Carding can be of two types: with physical access to a card or ATM, remote attacks. The most obvious fraud is the actions of staff who can scan data using special equipment, make a copy and withdraw funds from an ATM. But the number of such crimes is gradually decreasing. Today, maintenance staff brings the terminal to the client, and does not carry the card. Both physical and electronic means of protection are installed on ATMs to detect skimmers (miniature devices that attach to an ATM and read card data). In addition, devices with contactless payment methods are becoming popular. All of this has contributed to the reduction of skimmer fraud cases. However, the most dangerous attacks are still BlackBox class attacks, which are connecting a miniature computer, forcing the ATM to issue all the money that it has. The International ATM Manufacturers Association (ATMIA) in its last year report called the BlackBox threat one of the most dangerous, which is just beginning to spread in the United States. This attack was made possible thanks to the modified utilities of ATM manufacturers, created for troubleshooting. The situation is complicated by the fact that manufacturers consider the losses from BlackBox less significant than the costs of reconfiguring ATM software. This leads to the fact that modern ATMs are practically not protected from the threat of BlackBox. The most popular method of fraud, which is now referred to as “carding,” is the theft of data from end devices. By clicking on the link, opening an unknown attachment in the mail, or entering card information on an unknown site that neglects protection, the user risks losing data. An attacker steals all the information related to bank cards, cryptocurrency, system information, photos and videos, history and browser settings - this allows you to create a “digital double” of the victim. All this is necessary so that the carder can pretend to be this user during purchases. In the US, online shopping has long been common, and the level of service and convenience is only growing. And such convenience, which is not, for example, in Russia and Europe, online stores provide despite the existence of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) - a security standard that does not allow the seller to save customer card data. An online store that wants to save a customer chooses an acquiring bank loyal to PCI-DSS requirements. A credit institution also needs to earn money, and it allows you to save card data, turning a blind eye to the requirements of the regulator. To minimize the risk of data loss, the bank, as a rule, installs an anti-fraud system for assessing transaction security, integrating acquiring into the code of the online store. It is they who become victims of hackers. What happens after the theft of customer data? Neither the online store, nor the acquirer bank in the United States will advertise the hack, as this threatens a fine from the regulator, loss of reputation and close attention from all sides. Stolen data is sold to carders on black markets on the dark. In order to try on someone else's “digital fingerprint” (operating system, time zone, system language, browser version), scammers use special anti-detection systems, find the proxy server closest to the cardholder’s location, and go through it to online stores and mail. There, they preliminarily “warm up” the card, making small payments, which the holder usually made, and after a few days they withdraw all the funds by buying expensive goods to the address of the card holder. Then local criminals are connected - “drops”, who perfectly know the language, the dialect and the specifics of the conversation with the store. Their task is to change someone else's delivery address to their own and after receiving the goods forward it or money (40-50% of the cost of the goods) to the carder. Ten years have passed since the attack on the Royal Bank of Scotland, when attackers withdrew more than nine million dollars from two thousand ATMs in 280 cities around the world. The attack took less than 12 hours, after which the hackers dissolved, so that in a year they would appear on the covers of the tabloids under real names and not of their own free will. Large global players, such as Amazon, do not store map data and introduce mandatory use of 3D Secure protection technology. But in this case, workaround was found: the average visitor to the trading platform usually has a certain number of gift cards that do not ask for their card number and password. Silver Bullet and Security Systems Things are slightly better in the Russian market. According to Fincert (a structure of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation that deals with cyber security of the financial sector), targeted attacks caused 76.5 million rubles in seven months of 2018 instead of 1.08 billion in the same months of 2017, despite a ten percent increase in the number of attacks. Many domestic companies are protected, but not enough. According to various sources, 50-70% of all attacks of 2018 were aimed at the banking sector. Therefore, it is extremely important for a modern financial and credit organization to have a complete picture of the processes taking place inside the company. Here are the steps you need to take to ensure security: installation of NGFW security software at all network entry and exit points for segmenting and analyzing traffic from / to the data center; file movement control - most infections occur through mail; conducting annual testing for penetration and elimination of found vulnerabilities; regular internal audit on the implementation of information security service orders; participation of the information security service in the development of a mobile application; creating a transparent and non-overloaded process for managing changes in IT and information security; minimizing the gap between the release of security updates for information systems and their installation; knowledge of traffic going on the network and on the perimeter, protocols and applications, within which information exchange is necessary; introduction of modern antifraud systems based on machine learning; maximum user involvement in the information security process: training, regular trainings, case studies and incidents; changing sales processes to new ones in which carding is impossible; continuous monitoring of the black market for new methods of carding; and most importantly, compliance with all regulatory requirements. I would like to note separately that non-cash payments in Russia are now becoming more secure. In our country, one of the first appeared contactless payment by devices, banks are equipped with modern means of biometric identification of customers (including voice). And an important point: most carders are afraid to work in Russia and the CIS, since in almost 100% of cases they are detected within a short period of time Telegram @Lastmanstanding
  4. Cash app transfer

    I have discovered a working method and bin for Cash App (Square Cash) in 2019. If you have been trying it and it’s not working out, maybe you are missing something or using the wrong bin. Today, I will educate you on the latest cash app method and tutorial. I will give a complete list of all the tools to use for a successful transaction. Cash App also has an option that will allow you to convert cc to btc. It’s one of the best cc cashout methods in 2019 and I am sure you will be glad you came across this tutorial. That and other ways to card cash App is what I am going to talk about here. if you are a newbie, you just need to listen and get the full gist. Required Tools for Cash App Carding and Cashout 2019. Before you can use my method successfully, you need to have all the required tools from the right source. It will aid your successful cashout without chargeback or any other hitches. The first and must have is your socks, we are going to be working with the cc city socks. If you’re in the USA, you will need to use your real IP and clean up after a successful transaction. Another thing you will have is the Cash App, if you’re in a country where cash app is not in operation, you will only need to change IP to USA or UK and download the app from the app store or play store. Now, you will need to get a live cc fullz that you will link on the Cash.me platform. Your success rate depends on the type of cc you have, you should not just buy a random cc for this method because there are certain bins that pass. Note: Getting an old account still works too. You will just remove the attached payment details and link the cc you have bought. How to Card Cash App Successfully To successfully card cash app, make a new account or get an already made account. I have some accounts, cc, and some tools for sale. Navigate to “Add Cash” and type in the amount you want to cash out. Make sure there is enough fund in the Card. Once you click the add cash button, it will request you to add the card details. Enter the card number, expiry date, and CVV and the cash will be deposited to your account. Now, to avoid cashback, once your money is deposited, remove the card details you have added. Now, you will be able to link your bank details and cashout. We recommend that you use a bank drop to be on the safer side. Once you have added your bank account details, use the standard cashout which will send your money within 1-3 business days. Now, locate the receipt of your transaction and click on instant deposit, it will now honor the instant instead of the standard. Telegram @DarkNet9990
  5. Huge Credit Card Counterfeiting Ring Bought Lots of Cosmetics

    The feds have swooped in on a large and well-organized gang of New York credit card counterfeiters who allegedly shuttled mules around the country to buy $2 million worth of gift cards and other goods for resale, including $30,000 in cosmetics. Ze Xi Qiu, aka “Superman,” allegedly led the ring alongside Doufu Ke, Hong Gang Yang and Huaming Dong, all from Queens, New York. From July until this week, they allegedly purchased stolen magstripe data from online carder forums and used it to create over 1,000 fake credit cards. They passed those cards out to teams of “drivers” responsible for transporting shopping crews to malls in New York, Texas, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. The Secret Service and the DEA arrested 19 alleged members of the operation in Queens this week, and one in Los Angeles, where the stolen goods were transported for sale. One defendant was already in jail, and two are at large, according to prosecutors. The bust is a reminder that even in an age of bitcoin burglaries and money mules, the old ways are not forgotten. Here’s a video showing how card counterfeiters practice their art.
  6. Learn how to spam (Bank Logs, CCs, Accounts)

    This is a light guide for the beginners who have no idea of where to start. Info: What is spamming? Spamming/Phising is when you send out alot of mail/sms to a targeted group of people in hope of getting sensitive information from them. Example is bank logins, Credit card information, Game accounts, etc. What do i need? To view the content you need to have 1 posts. 1. A SMTP or some way to send alot of email without getting banned. 2. A web host for your scam page. 3. Scam page, This is where you will have them enter all the information. Example: Copy of the bank login site, Copy of the website you want the information about. 4. A mail list (There are a few diffrent ways to get this. Hacked databases, Buy them or what ever clever way you come up with) How do i cash out? Depends on what you are collecting but generally it is from selling the information you obtain. CCs or Bank logs/bank logins can you sell on multiple forums. I sell Game gold to multiple gold selling. Tutorial: Step 1: Figure out what you want to spam. (I like to go through my spam folder and see what people are currently sending) Step 2: Copy a spam mail you like so you have it ready for later. Step 3: Get a SMTP server where you can send your spam from. (Alot of hosts will take down your SMTP if you spam so either get a hacked one or a place you know they wont take it down) Step 4: Ask a developer for a phising site of the site you want. (This shouldn't cost more then 100$, I normaly do it for 50$) Step 5: Now get a cheap webhost with a domain. (This shouldn't cost you more then 20-40$. After you getting upload the scam page code) Step 6: Now it's time to send out your spam mail. So you need some kind of software, With a quick google search i found sendblaster where you can add your own SMTP Step 7: Now you are all good and just have to redo step 1-6 with another target list. Note: It's highly likely i missed something so if you remeber something i missed feel free to PM me or just reply. Telegram@KingCode1
  7. Paypal carding method ! ! !

    Still active
  8. In-store Carding. 💲Everything You Need to Know

    Everything you wanted to know about instore carding Introduction: You’re interested in trying out instore carding? Instore carding is one of the fastest ways to get money. But you will need to keep your head on straight for this. As you should with every operation you go out to do. This tutorial will tell you the ins and outs of instore carding. Feel free to distribute this as much as you want. ENJOY For the beginners: You’re obviously reading this because you either A. Want to learn how to instore card or B. Want to see if you can find anything you are not aware of. For people who chose A. You should have atleast some prior knowledge of credit cards before you try instoring. If you do not that is ok too, just keep reading the tutorial and by the end of it you should be fine. The most important thing about instore carding is how you *Take the part* of the identity you’re *Playing* as. If you’re going into a store looking to come out with $3-5k worth of electronics dressed in your normal apparel and being nervous, think again. You need to dress up and act like a person who would look like they could buy these items any day of the week. The first time you’re going to be nervous of course, its natural to be nervous the first few times. But with time and past experiences to look back on, it just gets easier as you go on. Dressing the part: This should come natural to most people out there. To buy something expensive you need to make it look like you can buy these items along with acting like you can (below). For your first operation i suggest should include you going into any of the clothing stores listed below and buy a decent amount of quality clothes. I cannot stress enough how quality plays a part in dressing up. Buying a sweater in Walmart and a sweater in banana republic could determine the difference between getting out with your goods or running out of the store. Along with clothing you might want to buy some jewelry or a very high priced watch. If a cashier suspects something is up, seeing some classy jewelry or a watch could also help reduce the suspicion. Clothing stores are usually never uptight with purchases of clothing so that is why I suggest going there first to get some quality clothes. You can be dressed as you want in there and it wont matter. When you buy the new clothes, put them on in a restroom and then continue your activities on a higher priced basis. Acting the part: This area will come hard for some but easier for others. Prepare yourself before you go in with things you might say. If you’re going into a store to buy smaller items ($800 and below) , this usually not hard to accomplish. But for larger items you should act as if you can afford these items at any time of day. Acting stuck up in a sense can accomplish this. Other than that, dressing the part is the other area that helps you present yourself as a person of wealth. Beginning: Before you go out there and start instoring you will need the following items. Card reader/writer – You’re going to have to (in most cases) need a card reader/writer to write new dumps on your cards. Especially if you want to re encode your cards and go out. The only case where you would not need this is if you were buying plastic from a vendor who offers to encode the dumps for you. For a reader/writer I highly recommend the MSR-206. It is the most popular encoder out there. You can buy them from Price: $200 $640 Computer/Laptop (Preferred) – To be able to encode your dumps (later on) you will first need a computer to hook your card encoder up to. Using a desktop is fine but if you come into any problems with your dumps which is going to happen, you will have no way to re encode your plastic. You will have to drive home and re encode there. But if you have a laptop, you can bring your MSR with you and just hook it up and re encode while you’re in your car. Doing this will save you gas, and time. Price: $600 to $2400 Power Inverter – This is a very handy tool that you’re going to need for this and you will probably find yourself using for all other types of things. The MSR requires a power source so buy or card one of these. If your laptop battery gets low as well which will sometimes happen just hook it up as well. I found a very good one at Best Buy for $80. It covers up to 800 watts (400 watts each plug). Price: $80 Plastic – I have seen all sorts of ways to obtain plastic. From stealing others and using those to buying them from a vendor. You DO NOT want to steal anyone’s credit cards and start using those. And you do not want to re encode your own credit cards. I’m sure it makes sense to do so but over time if you start using your own credit card, the credit card company are going to see the name being used and will surely contact you about these occurrence. The best bet is to buy plastic from a vendor. Think about this too. When buying plastic, get at least 2 cards with the same name as your novelty. It will save money on new novelties and give you a higher chance of walking out with your merchandise. Dumps – The most important item of this whole operation. What would you do without dumps? Nothing that’s what. Now depending on what you’re planning on getting out for your first op will determine on how much you will need to spend on dumps. I would not worry about spending for now. As soon as your op is over you will see that you have well made your money back from this. Wallet – Some people may think that putting the plastic and novelty in your own wallet is not a bad idea. But the truth is that it is probably one of the biggest problems that could arise if anything was to happen. Keeping your false information and your real information separate is a necessity. If you have any sort of personal contact information on you when carding I would suggest dropping it off in your car. Optional Items : Fake ID – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED but is not always needed. Most of the time for large purchases cashiers will ask for an identification that matches the plastic. There are numerous vendors out there who provide a novelty service that will fit your needs. Getting a state that is semi close to you is ideal in this situation. Anonymous Phone – This is optional to have, I have used dumps from seller that checks the dumps before sending so that all are valid. His dumps work 8/10 times on average. So if one card does not work I simply hand them another card with an excuse as to why that card was not working. If you’re going through any other vendor you should buy a tracfone and find a phone merchant that will verify your dumps before you go into a store. When using a phone merchant there are two ways of authorizing a card. Some people think that charging a $1 or $1.50 on the card will not kill the card as many businesses use a $1 or $1.50 charge as a pre-authorization to check and see if the card is valid. Others prefer charging a random higher amount to make it look like a legit purchase. Either way, its up to you how would want to check it. Serial to USB Converter – Smaller laptops may not come with a serial port to connect your encoder to. If this is the case you will need to buy one of these. Price: $15-$25 Newskin Bandaid Liquid – You might be asking yourself “What would I do with this?”. Well, if you really want to be protective you can put some newskin on your finger tips so no traces of fingerprints will appear on the plastic if any misfortune was to happen. Planning: Planning out what you’re going to buy before you buy it would be a nice thing to do. It saves you time thinking of what you need or might need. Also think about this. If you’re main goal is to get a hefty sum of money, you should checkout eBay to see what sells for a high percentage. Usually gift cards to popular stores get high amounts back because they are just like cash. But just double check eBay. If you’re going to do an instore op for your own personal pleasure then you really don’t need to make a list because you should already know what you want to get. Or you can look around in the store and choose what you want. Taking care of business: Before hand I always like going to the bathroom. It makes the carding situation a bit more easier if you get nervous. JediMasterC brought this on as well. You do not want to get caught and be remembered as the kid who shit his pants. That is if you do get caught which odds are you wont if you follow these instructions. Destination Safety: Choosing a location to instore is not very hard. The internet has a vast amount of websites that have store locators. So find your subject mall or store and do a search to see whats around you. Here is a very important rule to follow by. Do not do anything where you live. Or in a more common way of putting it. Don’t shit where you live. Find a store that’s at least a good half hour drive away from you and is at least two cities over. Some people choose to use fake license plates when entering your destination for carding just to add that extra level of security on in case a camera catches the car that drives away. This is of course optional, but it doesn’t hurt to put more safety on. Just don’t speed away or anything that could get you pulled over. Parking – When parking your car, make sure you park for out so no camera will catch your license plate. It will be worth the extra walk when you’re walking out with your merchandise. Ready: Now you have everything you need to get started. You’re prepared for the best and the worst situations to come. The first time you go out you should expect some nervousness to come even before entering one of the stores listed below. The most important thing to do is to stay calm and act natural. The more suspicious you act, the more the cashier is going to suspect something is up. I do not recommend taking any drug or alcohol to calm yourself down. You need to look calm and natural while being alert to your atmosphere at the same time Telegram @KingCode1
  9. Jewelry Carding Method Enjoy

    This article, I wanted to raise the topic of expensive goods, that is, goods that are more profitable than others - precious metals (gold, silver, platinum), diamonds, jewelry, necklace rings. Part 1 First, in Europe there are many buyers of various precious metals, which in turn offer inflated prices. To such metals include: silver, platinum, gold, of course to buy and hold them is quite difficult, but it is possible. Secondly, these are jewelry and precious stones, sometimes it even happens that you simply buy the same diamonds directly and transport them to Germany and sell them at a premium of 10%, without carding, So now imagine what a large percentage can be obtained from the carding of these things. Part 2 To begin with, let's take a look at carding with precious metals; gold things, jewelery, in particular rings, can be used in this matter. For example, wedding rings can be bought in a good online store at a good price. With silver is the same, look for jewelry or a table set made of silver and produce carding on your drops. Sites for entering dumps and ordering can be searched, for example, on African platforms, because in these places gold is sold at lower prices than in Greece or the USA. Look for stores of large manufacturers for carding large volumes of the same drop, since these products have their own specifics when ordering. The more you order for a net drop, the less trouble you will get. Since after the first time, the address of a drop can get into the register of not bona fide buyers, and this is a ban on many online stores at once. For this, do not risk and immediately order for more. Part 3 Carding jewelry and precious stones is more difficult because it is harder to sell, because, for example, gold is metal that can be purchased at any pawnshop, and necklaces, bracelets, etc. cannot be sold at a pawnshop, at least as easy as gold or silver. Therefore, it is necessary to have a buyer for these goods in advance, preferably one who can make documents for this luxury. With gems, everything is much simpler, you can safely sell them in separate pawnshops at a good price, but here you need to order with caution. Since the stones are too large, suppose a one and a half carat diamond may raise questions from the pawnshop workers about the origin of this stone. So it is necessary to order a lot, like with gold, but small stones are half a carat, and give your orders to sell them to different pawnshops at different times, so as not to arouse suspicion from the workers. This scheme concerns not only diamonds or gold, but all expensive metals and stones.
  10. ENJOY 😊 Snapdeal Carding Method

    Hello, dear users! The Method Is very Easy And Simple. Snapdeal Security Is Weak Nowadays. You Can Easily Card It successfully Via This Method 1.Get A USA Amex Card Of Bin – 379713 or 379711 Any Bin 37971* Series Would Work Must Be Good Balance For Working With Cardholder Name Too 2.No VPN or Socks is Needed But You Must Use Security For Being Safe 3.Open and Select Product Upto 29k and Checkout With CC 4.Billing Address Is Your Drop Or Shipping Address 5.You Will Receive A Confirmation Call That You Placed An Order So Keep Your Mobile Number and Email Address Correct 6.When They Come For Delivery They Will Call You Just Accept The Package And Sign For It 7.Sometimes They Ask For Verification , Like Driving License Or Passport Or Whatsoever 8.If They Click A Picture Dont Allow Them Because It May Cause Problems Just Deny And They Will Go Away 9.In Review Give Negative Feedback For Sure
  11. Credit Card Hacking Tutorial

  12. 2019 WalMart Bin ! ! !

    Try to be fast and get it from your shop early update
  13. 2019 WalMart Bin ! ! !

    You’re in Iran
  14. I can get at least 10 UK fulls per day.

    If you can get Usa Fullz we can Fuck WesternUnion And Money Gram

    HELLO DEAR MEMEBERA OF carding.ug CC to BTC Method Follow this Step: Connect to the nearest IP of CC Owner using RDP+Socks5 or HMA Vpn First visit CSGOFAST.COM - TRY YOUR LUCK! Register there using available options Now Your available balance will be shown 0$ Click on Refill Now choose 100$ amount to add. You will be redirected to payment gateway Choose credit card option to pay After adding Successfully, Spend some credits in Playing some games. Then Click On Wthdrawl, And Choose Bitcoin. It will be in your account within an hour. That’s all, Thank You! ENJOY