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  1. yeah im interested to if someone can card giftcard from amazon, i'll buy any amount for KOA gift card ill pay 60% of value
  2. @Nycesun is Scammer

    :)) is someone legit here or only bots and rippers? did admin helped u? i really think they are scammers too , they run this site to scam ppl through guarantor and with fake comments. good luck recoveryng ur money
  3. KOA gift cards

    I need KOA gift cards , as much as u can card, i have good market to resell them so if someone here can card them just contact me on icq 727541084 , i offer dumps + pin 201 europe , usa, asia , or i can give 40% of real value ...thanks !
  4. hello, can u give more details? i can fix with belgium also with england and italy. thank you
  5. Dumps+pin Cashout EU

    franta si germania merge bine in mongolia...! bafta
  6. Dumps with pin unic Offer

    Hi fellas , i have a unic offer for u guy's , im tired of rippers and fake ppl who claim to make what they cant do, i have a unic offer i have 20k fresh dumps , i will sell them each for $5 (five bucks) ! who is interested contact me on icq 727541085 , remember you have nothing to lose , with a investment of $5 bucks u can get a long time bussiness....i precise i sell only 2xx codes . thank you
  7. sorry about that but this GAS is a idiot liar and scammer he come to me with fake proves to claim dumps, but i smell him from the first minute :))
  8. G A S (29.08.2019 08:21): Hello Ted Bakker (29.08.2019 08:21): 201 work in bangladesh atm? G A S (29.08.2019 08:21): I have POS G A S (29.08.2019 08:22): Over 900 POS in a chain shop Ted Bakker (29.08.2019 08:22): Ok that's good G A S (29.08.2019 08:22): All over the country G A S (29.08.2019 08:22): 3 banks POS Ted Bakker (29.08.2019 08:22): When did u done last successfully 2xx transaction? G A S (29.08.2019 08:23): 1 bank out of 3 bank support 201 Ted Bakker (29.08.2019 08:23): Ok good Ted Bakker (29.08.2019 08:23): When? G A S (29.08.2019 08:24): 21 G A S (29.08.2019 08:24): 21st august G A S (29.08.2019 08:25): It's a local card. Ted Bakker (29.08.2019 08:25): On this receipe is 26 august G A S (29.08.2019 08:25): Yup 26 Ted Bakker (29.08.2019 08:25): So you go fuck yourself G A S (29.08.2019 08:25): Sorry Ted Bakker (29.08.2019 08:26): U start with lies from the first minute G A S (29.08.2019 08:26): Nope it's a mistake Ted Bakker (29.08.2019 08:26): Get lost G A S (29.08.2019 08:26): I'm not a scammer G A S (29.08.2019 08:27): If you want work that's fine if not don't waste my time G A S (29.08.2019 08:27): You fuck yourself G A S (29.08.2019 08:35): By the way what I need to do make you believe that I'm not a scammer Ted Bakker (08.09.2019 18:52): I need u bring your mother here Ted Bakker (08.09.2019 18:52): To fuck her G A S (08.09.2019 18:53): Ass hole Ted Bakker (08.09.2019 18:53): Yeah G A S (08.09.2019 18:53): Don't you a word about my mother G A S (08.09.2019 18:53): Go to hell
  9. Bank drops needed

    727541084 icq , contact me if u still need bank drop in GB
  10. hello, i offer drop service in UK (for goods , bank accounts ready to be loaded and i also have alot of connection to buy gold and electronics products) i take 25% and i can provide as manny address u need and also bank accounts for almost all UK banks. for more details contact me on icq : 727541084 .
  11. Cashout 101 201 mix dumps by state cashier needed

    who still do cashout d+p drop your icq here or in PM . i have work ready
  12. Dumps Cashier in USA

    drop your icq and let's work