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  1. You bought must look in the mirror and then fetch me some tee..hahahaaa
  2. Hi guys, There is a lot of scammers out there and now I stumbled upon this sites. Is it real or is it not? Any thoughts? Internet search did not give me a lot.. Thanks guys
  3. Need handgun! Clock or smth

    So..I dont care of the haters. Let them watch pornhub i tratchi in they parents basement. F****ing wannabee hackers who dont work for a living. Privatn0. - ne tebe Cheers
  4. Need handgun! Clock or smth

    Haters will hate..cheers bro
  5. Need handgun! Clock or smth

    Whatever bro..if you dont ask, the answer will always be NO Maybe you know some markets or smth where can I get something like that. I have a client!
  6. All work related to ESTONIA!!

    Can offer: Pickups Drop houses Company addresses Company formation Tax-criminal-contract etc law advisory Transport(any cargo thrue baltic states until Fin,Swe) Documents(not in the system but 100% real looking) Open bank accounts Etc Just ask!!
  7. Passport/ID/Drivers Licence(Estonia)

    Hi guys, I have a set of Passport/ID Card/Driver Licence EUROPE!!! Registered, working full set of document, exp. 5years 36, male, caucation Perfect for new identity or coming to Schengen. No bullshit, no scammers BEWARE!! Shipping worldwide, signature but no refunds. Safety first! Only serious people with a track record! Pics,proof etc, what makes you confortable!! Price: 1k + postage Cheers!
  8. User:pass no email. When you login, watch that, pc mac aad changed, pc timezone changed, also vpn as close you can, even keyboard lang and dont forget the FP and cookie