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  1. Selling aged amazon Enrolled

    Im selling an amazon accont whit enrolled amex accont. The accont have 2k $ balance, and 170 $ pts balance. If you want to deal telegram : @BlackAkaTsu . Cost 120 $ negociable !
  2. Buy skimmer from ebay !

    Mamaa coaiee du te si invata sa scrii dupa sa cardezi in rasa ta de pisat, roman prost. Il vezi ca are repuri bune da nu stie nimic. Добавлено через 5 минут 43 секунды Jairo, si ti am si dovedit ca am dreptate si tot prost esti mancami ai
  3. Buy skimmer from ebay !

    when you reach the level of Romania you have more to eat. Here in Romania are the well known interlops like shark etc. Stop trash talking
  4. Buy skimmer from ebay !

    Yo man calm down. When i get at pc i will contact an admin and i will speak what really happend. Idk exactly why are ur so rude whit all members in this forum. Be ready to get back to the school.
  5. Buy skimmer from ebay !

    Lol. Yo guys never deal whit maxmalesya its a time waster. Should i post all conversation? When u start crying? When u told me all atms are emv??? Fake carder. Guys never deal whit him will screw up all ur money and ur bussniess. Donkey
  6. Anyone know if u can clone a cc whit chip whit embossing machine?

    iseeyou can u pm me a good embossing machine ? Mediu - low cost. For future work. Atm i don t have money left :(.
  7. Embossing machine

    Where can i find to buy an Embossing machine
  8. NEW AMAZON ACC enrolled

  9. NEW AMAZON ACC enrolled

    Up up
  10. NEW AMAZON ACC enrolled

    The acc its aged and ready for transaction, i can proof whatever u want
  11. Cloned cc

    Sill looking for busniess
  12. NEW AMAZON ACC enrolled

    Im selling amazon acc whit amex accont whit pts up to 150$ and normal balance 2k euro. U just need to enter ur shippment adress and u ready to go. Selling it 60$ negociable. I offer proofs all do you want. Telegram @BlackAkaTsu or just pm on forum to give you icq id.
  13. Cloned cc

    Add me BlackAkaTsu on telegram
  14. Cloned cc

    Who sell cloned ccs pm me. We deal only if u show up some proofs Pace.