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  1. Get real! Nobody dont give online access. You need drops not online access!
  2. uk business

    For example I can set up company in uk...
  3. Uk personal bank account

    I can Help you to set up uk personal bank account. RBS/...maybe More Banks.
  4. uk business

    uk business anyone got something good? its difficult in uk but anyone got new ways? perhaps we can work together over uk im sure uk not done yet ! new business coming always if old business is done.
  5. im looking for carder (escrow)

    im looking for carder who can card and i monetize it ! egifts vouchers goods everything is good lets disscuss pm ! Need to be 1000% serious ! escrow yes
  6. Experienced carder needed

    anyone can card but no luck to find cvv !!
  7. Thnx thanks guys for all Ur suggestions!
  8. Thanks! Perfect money requires id? Or its private? Why bitcoin cash? Bch is Cryptocurency like others btc, et, ltc, xrp...
  9. Need Person in uk with good credit and legal and good background. The profit is good and its long term Job. We need British citizen, who can speak good english. Well spoken and presentable not some junky! We need company director in uk, we will process all the Paper work you just need to sign and follow the instructions. And yes its working 100% Business is high class business so very large money is involved you need to be serious and trusted no games or bs. % tbc. And its not even illegal everything will be legal 100% according UK Laws and regulations. So no risk no bs but very high pay!
  10. How to cash out btc?

    Thnx but they have so many options wich option i should choose there?
  11. Thank you, wari but I need wallet to use usd/ eur to use and to Store not Bitcoin or Cryptocurency!
  12. Im looking for good wallet to keep my funds!

    Im looking for good wallet to keep my funds! Any recomend? I heared about adv cash and perfect mone y but are they good to use? Best If the wallet have atm card too so I can use atm card. Thank you guys!
  13. How to cash out btc?

    How to cash out btc? I see local bitcoins but very high fees! Coinbase is working with tax office together not good option either. How to cash out with minimum fees and most Ananoymity? And tax free?
  14. Tell here some funny story or funny jokes about carding! My first mistake was that i bought dumps but i tought I had a cvv... Lol then i told to seller the dumps not working I sent him website too Where I was try to card dumps instead of cvv by mistake What's yours?
  15. Embosser is for writing the card number on the card Its a beginners knowledge!! If u dont know this then you are far away from carding!