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  1. Looking For TicketMaster.com Carder [US]

    You'll be lucky to get someone to card TM for u at 35%

    Anyone ever bought from this vendor?
  3. Tickets in Colorado

    I just sent to you a DM
  4. If u have trouble sending bitcoins from your own wallet, what makes u think another person will be able to ??
  5. Koanto -koanto@xmpp.jp - @tozahi

    He promised to pay the balance on friday. I will update how things goes
  6. Koanto - koanto@xmpp.jp - @tozahi

    https://carding.ug/member.php?u=154310 That is his profile link. Already told him i have a blacklist thread against him. If he pays up today I will update on this thread.
  7. Koanto - koanto@xmpp.jp - @tozahi

    I did Flight for this dude for the past 4 days. He has been posting me and coming with stories. He was meant to Pay me After delivering the flight details which was our initial agreement. Now he hasn't paid. He promised to pay yesterday but still nothing from him. I didn't post the screenshot of our conversation cos he promised to pay yesterday. I will wait till he comes online today before I post our conversation.
  8. Koanto -koanto@xmpp.jp - @tozahi

    https://carding.ug/member.php?u=154310 He came online today to Make half of the payment and he promised to pay the balance tomorrow. Please Admin u can change his status to unreseolved problems till he keep his promise of sending the balance tomorrow. I will also update on here when he sends the balance. Thanks for the swift actions.