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  1. Looking for Mentor.

    PM me
  2. Sniffed Fullz

    Sniffed High Balance ENJOY First name : Eng Last name : Huu Card Type : VISA Card Number : 4888936209093842 Expiration Date : 01/2022 Card Verification Number: 992 Full Name : Eng T Huu Address 1 : 4550, 47th St. W., #1216 City : Bradenton state : FL ZIP Code : 34210 Telephone : 9417948914 Social Security Number : Date Of Birth : 14/06/1983 Driver's License : H000-218-53-214-0 --------------------------- Security Question 1 : Mother\'s maiden name? Answer 1 : Hua Security Question 2 : Last 4 digits of social security number? Answer 2 : 8338 Contact: Telegram: @Ccclinqueo
  3. Contact admin this's isn't the rigth place to post this
  4. ?How To Become A Hacker? Steps By Step To Pro Hacker ✅Step 0: Read The Hacking Manifesto ✅Step 1: Learn To Program In C ✅Step 2: Learn More Than One Programming Language ✅Step 3: Learn UNIX ✅Step 4: Learn More Than One Operating Systems ✅Step 5: Learn Networking Concepts ✅Step 6: Start Simple: Read Some Tutorials About Hacking ✅Step 7: Learn Cryptography ✅Step 8: Experiment A Lot ✅Step 9: Read Some Good Books From Experts ✅Step 10: Participate In Hacking Challenges ✅Step 11: Go Next Level: Write Vulnerability ✅Step 12: Contribute To Open Source Security Projects ✅Step 13: Continue Learning And Keep Listening NOTE WELL AND ENJOY THE VICTORY
  5. Michigan bins

    Donkey.... You know nothing but making much noise, You Said he should go use google to search hitting BIN LOL
  6. NIKE SCAM METHOD Lol Lets Enjoy ! ! !

    Requirements: CC (a good BIN) A physical debit card (can use your own as method is safe) Potentially a bank statement template *Key points: Do this on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Sunday. Thursdays and Fridays allow too long for your order to be pending and Nike does a ‘ghost charge’ on the victims payment method. STAGE 1: Buy a CC in a location roughly near to your closest Nike store. Getting same gender will make it easier in the long run. Get a SOCKS5 proxy in the same location as your CC Using an add-on called FoxyProxy or Proxifier, apply your SOCKS5 proxy. Using a MAC address changer, change your mac address. Google ‘what is my ip address’ to test that it works. Go to fastmail.com and make an email address using your cc name (use fastmail as it is a paid mail server but gives you a free trial for 30 days, so it reduced your fraud count when carding on nike) Can either buy a SIM card for like £1 to get a real phone number which also makes order more likely to pass or make one up. You can also use CC billing number as nike doesnt actuallly send them a message STAGE 2: Go onto nike.com and select random-ish items that aren’t bought very often. Dont buy a large number of items and dont buy 1 item thats very expensive (again, reducing fraud count). The key is to not be greedy because you can do this method non-stop as long as your dont get your ip blacklisted. Add 1 or 2 items to bag. I would suggest not to exceed £200, but its up to you (again, reducing fraud count). 200 pound golf clubs work well. If you have a VERY strong BIN, you can aim for £300ish Put in a name for the shipping address that makes it seem like you are related to the CC holder in some way, but also that is close enough to your name to collect. ie: If you CC name is Michael Taylor and your real name is John Smith, on the order name, you put ‘John Michael Taylor-Smith’ At checkout, select click and collect, and then write in the postal code of your CC address, then zoom to a shop where you have access (remember to write CC address postal code and not a different one). This is why I said before to get an address as close as possible to you. Try not to send it to a nike shop. You will understand why later. Put the ACTUAL billing address of the card (you really dont want it to be too far away, however it can still work). the key point in this method is the cumulative distance between your socks ip, the pickup shop and the victims billing address Checkout. As long as the victim isn’t using that card right that second and the CC has sufficient balance and is life, your order will go through. STAGE 3: Once your order has gone through, you wait for your order to ship. Once it has shipped to the pick-up shop, you go there to pick it up. Some shop keepers can be fussy so this is something we sometimes do that works: *if shop keeper doesnt want to let you collect for whatever reason (they should if youre not stupid), change one of your friends names on your phone to ‘UPS’ and message them to pretend to be UPS and that its okay for you to pick up with a bank statement with the matching name. Make sure you call ‘UPS’ before revealing that you have the bank statement so it looks authentic. When people reject you once they’re more inclined to continue to reject. So you would Call UPS They say bank statement needed ‘Oh! I have a bank statement actually! Thank God!’ This method is partly social engineering but to be honest its easy. STAGE 4: Once you have your item, now comes the fun bit. You dont even have to go home or even take the item out of its box (I would). Take your item to the nike store and tell them that you dont want it (come up with a reason.. doesnt fit / bad present..) They will ask for order receipt. Give them it. They may ask for THE CARD USED FOR PAYMENT ONLINE (they usually dont). THEY CANT CHECK THIS AND ITS A BLUFFF, so give them your card and tell them that thats the card used. Even if they somehow were able to check, just make up a reason why (left card at home or w/e) Refund the item onto the card. *Basically, the card machines that Nike uses in store and Nikes online system ARE NOT linked together. This means your refund is a completely separate transaction to the carded purchase. Furthermore, the money comes right off of the machine, so is not even linked to the refund in the system. The money (total amount of your order) will take 2-3 working days to show on the card (so dont panic, lol). Key stages: Once your item has shipped, they cant take it back. Once you have your item from the shop, they cant do anything Once you have refunded your item, there is no trace. This is why this method is so gratifying. You can literally repeat this method as many times as you want. As long as you switch up the pick-up shops, it will continue to work. If your local nike store has many floors / tills, go to to top floor and then every time you come back, go one floor down or to a different till. Nike employees dont usually stay very long and work on shifts. The likelihood of you seeing the same person at the till is virtually 0, depending on where you live. I would recommend not to tell many people about it, if anyone because when loads of people start doing it Nike strengthens their security. And there you have it. Every time you repeat, change every detail about the transaction. DO NOT use the same mobile number as I have literally tried with a same number before, been declined and immediately changed the number on my order review, then pressed confirm again and its gone through. Same thing with email address. Pm for more Info

    Still On Go ! ! !

    1. Go to the Nike website, and add whatever shoes or clothing you want to your basket. For every shoe in your basket, add 2 t-shirts or any other cheap item, but not socks or underwear or anything light. For every piece of clothing you want, add 1 piece of cheap clothing or something, again - no socks or underwear. Wouldn't recommend doing more than 1 shoe per order, reason being this method only works if it all arrives in one box, ordering more than 1 shoe risks it being in 2 boxes. 2. Order the basket, make sure that it's all good, deliver it to your address like a normal order. 3. When it arrives, just accept it as normal, check everything you ordered is in it as usual etc 4. Contact Nike VIA live chat and tell them you only received certain items, those certain items being the cheap stuff, and that the expensive stuff wasn't in the parcel. Don't actually use the terms 'cheap items' and 'expensive items.' There should be the same amount of cheap : expensive items, or more cheap items than expensive items. If you read and followed the steps carefully, there should NEVER be more expensive than cheap items. 5. Nike track the weight of their parcels and this is why this method works well. If you were to say none of the items arrived and the box was empty, they can check their system and see the parcel was weighed before it was sent and that it weighed something so the parcel definitely DIDN'T arrive empty and that the customer is definitely lying and it wouldn't work out. But since we have a cheap item for every expensive item, when you say those expensive items didn't arrive, they can check the weight and they'll see the parcel did have a weight, and it adds up because we said we received the certain cheaper products. This works very well when there's no shoes since clothing all has really small weight and when put together it's hard to tell how many pieces of clothing there is. 6. They will start an 'investigation' which takes 3-5 days, they'll then send you an email apologizing and will say they've processed a refund. 7. Receive your refund, return the cheap products if you want. BOOM! 8. You've got the items you've wanted for free.
  9. I will tell you how to get a new IP, Phone number, address, VCC and documents. I will also tell you how to not get limited. How to create a stealth PayPal Account You will need a new IP address, The best thing is a VPN (VPS or proxies are easy to detect by PayPal or eBay so try avoid using those). Head to IPBURGERand purchase a Fresh Dedicated VPN. You will want a private IP/VPN that is not shared or been used before by anyone because that IP may have already been used by other people for PayPal and you may get linked to that account and get limited.2.You will need a new address, you can get a generated one http://www.fakenamegenerator.com/ 3. Now you will need a new phone number, For this I recommend using a Mobile app called TextMe. You can keep a number for 1 Month for £4.59 and you can choose a phone number that matches your country and state that you got from the fake name generator. 4. Now you will need a Virtual Credit Card or VCC for this I recommend using SecondEye its only $15 for a VCC but it will be worth it in the long term as in the future they can make fake credit card/ bank statement in case your PayPal gets limited. 5. Create a new user on your PC/Laptop (Make sure nothing sync to the new user e.g. google chrome data – settings and stuff. This is so that you basically have a new PC/Laptop and all your cookies, Cache, Data for your Stealth account is not linked to other accounts. (To be extra careful I just browse as guest on the new user that way no cookies or cache ever get saved). If your account does somehow get limited because you didn’t follow this guide properly then Visit SecondEyethey can create fake documents such as Passport, Supplier invoice Bank/credit card statements and print it out to make it look real, I’ve used them personally and they respond pretty fast and the documents do work. How to no get your PayPal Limited Never use public VPN for example NordVPN. Never use the same name, phone number or IP when creating a stealth PayPal (They will all get linked and if 1 account is limited all your account will go down). If your account is fully verified it doesn’t mean you wont get limited, don’t receive over $50 a day when your account is new you want to grow it e.g. receive $50 or less a day for a few weeks then move up to $60 a day for a few weeks. Always receive money as Friends and Family when receiving money, If you get paid using Goods and Services you’re putting your account at risk every time because PayPal will want to know what that transaction is for. This is because they want to tax you or check for anti-fraud. If you are using multiple stealth accounts create a new user on your PC or each account otherwise PayPal will detect you because of your cookies and cache. You can clear cookies and cache if you don’t want to make new users but better be save than sorry. Once you received $1,500 or near more or less your account will 100% get limited, if you want to keep the account then Visit secondeye solutions for fake documents or just make a new account. This leak has been rated as working 5 times this month in some forums .
  10. N/A - @CoronaUK

    I Vote @CoronaUK as 1 of the best cvv vendor
  11. Given how high the budget is for the industry giving these out, you can make thousands of dollars worth of these over the next few months Create an unlimited amount of gift cards for 50+ locations.... The car industry is freaking out, they put faulty airbags in thousands of cars and they're trying to find the owners to replace them before they get in an accident and they get sued for them malfunctioning. So they're giving everyone $5 gift card just to check if their car has these faulty airbags, and if you do they'll replace them and give you $55! Enjoy your stay in the carding world 1 Click here. https://www.carmaproject.com/owner-l...200002r09LkAAI and put your VIN number in, can't hurt to actually make sure your car is safe. You'll receive a $5 gift card. 2. No car? Want more gift cards? Use http://www.randomvin.com and https://vingenerator.org now you have thousands of VINs and each gets you $5! Use a different email/phone. 3. Or, with just 1 account sign up as an 'ambassador' they will give you links to share for 100 points each. All you need to do to get the 100 points is visit that link from another IP address. So hop on a VIP, go to the link, and thats it! They're all that easy