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  1. Up for seller reseller I don't give a fuck just need valid stuff
  2. i try many seller here past week and only lost money in 2 week whit all shop around here wtf ... Shit got decline whit fuck 05 code for 1$ that no seller refund but pass on shop checker .... i need solid seller to provide me us cvv each day by state , i need to card 200-600$ multiple time per day , not big amount ....
  3. New Service . Drop For Stuff

    New drop for stuff
  4. New Service . Drop For Stuff

    Up new drop everyday , many state available
  5. New Service . Drop For Stuff

    New Service . Drop For Stuff . Always fresh new drop from real adress not dropbox Usa We can buy stuff $ We can ship back % (Escrow Accepted) Send Pm if you need drop