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  1. Im willing to try it now if you accept an escrow, I'll leave a feedback promptly.
  2. Program's Emv's

    get a jabber please, I would like to get some details on this
  3. atm jackpotting is very easy

    Have an access, and there's a lot of atm around here to work with, however I don't have a service key, do you have an info on where to order one? Feel free to PM me, thanks.
  4. in need of a key from diebold

    Hey guys, if there's anyone out there who knows or has an information about where I can purchase a service key for diebold opteva, please let me know about it. Thanks all in advance!
  5. бред, конкретно для прокатки на атм, 1 трак нах не нужен.