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  1. Need phone porting partner USA

    Hi guys, I am looking a (long term) partner that can port phonenumbers to a new sim card for me (no google voice), and forward me incoming text messages. I will provide you with: - phone number to port - Account number - PIN The numbers that I need to be ported are from ATT, Sprint and Verizon only Send me a pm if you can work with this. cheeeeeers
  2. quick job only NO RIP OR REPORT

    I have 1 non vbv and 1 non msc 414709 517805 who can cash these out for me? I will give you a nice cut, cause they are high balanced cards.
  3. need EU sms intercept

    who can help me out with service or reffering
  4. in Europe some big banks do not use text verification, but a fixed code like a pin with card. With these banks you just use it to confirm payments and withdraws.
  5. Vanilla Visa gift card

    How is that possible? Revolut is not as not active yet in the us, while vanilla only works with us merchants.
  6. Vanilla Visa gift card

    Hey guys, Can your share your experiences with me regarding the best and fastest cashout of vanilla gift cards (not the reloadable cc). Curious how you guys are doing it, cause its still a hot item xd http://crdclub4wraumez4.onion/images/smilies/punish.gif