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  1. Seeking high quality scans

    Still searching for partnership. Let's make some money.
  2. Seeking high quality scans

    I am still looking for a partnership. The money is waiting. Let's get to it.
  3. Android and browser fingerprinting

    Thanks for the input. How do you suggest going about changing device fingerprints?
  4. how to order credit cards with SSN / DOB

    Capital One is notoriously tough. Try Chase, Citi, SunTrust, and US Bank.
  5. Seeking high quality scans

    Looking for an individual who can make high quality scans for various states. I need them to activate credit cards from various companies. In return, I am offering to send credit cards to your drop. I provide the fullz. Contact me with your contact information. Lots of money waiting to be made.
  6. Android and browser fingerprinting

    Hope everyone is doing ok. Bump.
  7. Carding from phone

    I added you on Jabber and sent you a PM as well. Hope to hear from you at some point.
  8. Android and browser fingerprinting

    Hello gentlemen. I have a question that is dedicated to all the people out there carding on the Android platform and/or anyone else knowledgeable about the subject. First and foremost, are there any tools (plugins, apps, etc) that are highly effective in obscuring up-to-date browser fingerprinting? I have attempted using CanvasBlocker for both Firefox and Chrome. However, it is not 100% effective in preventing leaks, and I am having sites still detect that I am using a mobile browser even though my User Agent is set otherwise. I am not too familiar with the Android carding scene. However, I would like to learn more if there are any effective methods out there. Please point me in the right direction. Any input or suggestions would be appreciated. I can be reached on ICQ, Jabber, or via PM. Provide your contact protocol details in your initial PM if you do not wish to publically include them in your reply.
  9. Credit reports?

    Been a minute. Let's bump this up.
  10. best cheap residential socks5 / proxies

    VIP72 has always been a solid option for me.
  11. Had another question in regards to addresses and attempting to add an established address to an individual's credit history. If I have working profiles, what's the best way to attempt to begin to establish an address that will be recognized and linked to the individuals credit profile/report? Basically I want to be able to apply for a credit card using a profile with ample credit (sufficient enough score to obtain said card) and have the actual card mailed directly to a drop that I control. Is this possible or is it a waste of time and effort? Any input?
  12. Real Carding - How to cash out dumps ?

    You won't find anyone legit offering to sell D P. Think about it. Why would they sell track data with the corresponding PIN code when they can just go and cash it out themselves and make 10x the amount they would selling it? That's really the only way to cash out track data at an ATM, meaning having the PIN code with the track data. You can obtain your own D P by installing a skimmer and getting the data yourself.
  13. Credit reports?

    What's the best methods these days to obtain a credit report? I am continuing to get stumped up on some of the questions that CreditKarma and BankRate ask in regards to identity verification. For example, past addresses are easy to find (if a question of that nature comes up), but when it comes to questions such as "What was your mortgage payment amount last month?" it kills the attempt. Any knowledge and or advice would be appreciated.
  14. Which website can sell DUMPS

    Try registering in a dumps shop and putting a support ticket in and see if they accept sellers in their shop to sell your pcs.