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  1. Looking for AU/US Bank transfers

    I can provide plenty of solid AU/US bank drops Looking for someone that can make the transfers for a fair price (50/50 split) I have no feedbacks whatsoever, but would be willing to accept a small transfer to test the trust waters. looking for a reliable partner, if you are that you can email me at : savastanos@protonmail.com Jabber available upon request.
  2. Looking for loaders bank/payoneer/paypal

    I have drops with wierd banks in UK/US/EU Can take PP/Payoneer/Iban wire My banks served their purpose and are not banned so im looking to kill them and get some more profit out of it Can receive bank transfers in ammounts: ~10k€ ~£8000 /account in europe ~$1000 in us/account (multiple bank accounts but no "access" to them, only routing number and account number, if that is not enough then meh.) If you can make a wire to Luxembourg iban, i can cash multiple of those also. If you can do a bank transfer from a company source, i can receive ~10k$ per Payoneer and cash it out within few hours All my accounts have good transaction history, and my cashout methods are extremely solid. I work only on 50/50 split. If anyone wants to work with me, hmu on : Jabber: coconutman123@jabber.at email: santamimo@protonmail.com Im happy to do escrow.
  3. Looking for job EU/UK

    your jabber doesnt work
  4. quick job only NO RIP OR REPORT

    i can do if you hit me before midnight coconutman123@jabber.at
  5. Looking For UK/ EU Drops

    Looking for a drop to send Wirex cards over. Anywhere in EU, preferably UK $100 per card (i pay for DHL courier to come and collect from you once you get it) 1 card per address Payment after you receive the envelope (Will provide first name and ask you for the last name on the letter as proof of receiving) Payment in btc. Can do same with US drops as well. Jabber: coconutman123@jabber.at
  6. Vanilla Visa gift card

    The ones you buy in the store like ASDA ? they work out of the box with Revolut app (for uk)