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English speaking carders


  1. Carding news

    Every day a lot of interesting things happen in carding. In this section we will keep you informed.

  2. Newbie questions

    If you are a beginner, then surely you have a bunch of questions. Well, in this section you will be answered all the questions.

  3. Job offers

    In carding, as in any other field, there are people who are looking for something and those who want to find something. If you are such a person, then you are in this section.

  4. Payment Systems & Bank Carding

    Carders work a lot and earn a lot. But to sleep well, you need to be able to whiten the money you earn. In this section, you can find everything related to cashing in. Topics, schemes, manuals, services.

  5. Virtual carding

    Every carder should know how to work on stuff. In this section, you will find all the necessary information and all the necessary services to work in this direction without any problems.

  6. Real carding

    Real carding is not only dangerous and expensive, but also very profitable. If you want to buy a skimmer, terminal, documents or dumps with pins, then you are definitely in this section.

  7. Hosting & Botnets

    If you need a botnet to collect logs or extract cc, or you just want to keep track of your ex, then most likely you will find everything you need in this section.

  8. Flooding & Offtopic

    Carder is also a man and also wants to talk about anything. So in this section, you can flood, but in others you can not! Remember this.